Manage My Property

Do you know how much it costs every time you TURNOVER your property? Thousands! Think about it … Security deposits can only cover so much … Turning a property over at the end of one year costs the same as turning it over in two years. Repairs and repainting, carpet cleaning, general cleanup and trash removal, then the cost (and time) of finding another tenant, utilities, and so much more! And just one turnover per year can exhaust your profits!

Atlanta Area Property and Management understands your property management needs because  we are investor landlords. We have first-hand experience with balancing the need to secure and retain high quality tenants, the necessity of regular property maintenance and repair while keeping the properties profitable. When you hire us to manage your property, we strive to protect your investment as if it’s our own. We seek out the best tenants while minimizing days on market.  We’ll suggest maintenance, repairs and updates that can turn a money pit of low rental rates and high turnover into a profit center with higher monthly rents and Tenants that stay longer.

With our years of experience and proven results, you’ll benefit from our property management services and see why we stand above the competition.



Managing rental properties is a 24/7 business, often requiring after hours work at inconvenient times.  Plus, it requires knowledge, licensing and insurance to ensure compliance with local, state and federal regulations.

Showing properties to prospective tenants, handling tenant emergencies and late nightPeace of Mind phone calls, and attending to maintenance issues – it’s what we do – every day.  In addition, we have a thorough understanding of landlord tenant laws, fair housing and eviction laws. We maintain all required licensing and insurance to manage your property successfully in compliance with regulations.

Atlanta Area Property and Management gives you peace of mind knowing professionals are taking care of your property, without disrupting your daily life, so you can enjoy the things, and people, most important to you.

Our Services
  • Evaluate Your Property
  • Set Rents Based On Market Value
  • Market Your Property
  • Process Tenant Applications
  • Move In
  • Maintenance and Lease control
  • Lease Renewal
  • Move Out


  • Extensive internet marketing of your property
  • Property inspections to protect the asset
  • Online application process and thorough background and financial checks
  • Strong leases and supporting document
  • Full service maintenance to handle requests quickly
  • Direct deposit and on-demand statement for owners
  • Online tenant rent payments
  • Timely handling of necessary eviction proceedings