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What is the Eviction Process in the Atlanta Area? | Property Management Education

To many people, the eviction process in Georgia seems so daunting. For the vast majority of us, standing before a judge to defend our position can be foreign and very scary. Today, we’re discussing dispossessory action and how to evict a tenant in the Atlanta area.

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Know the Warning Signs of a Bad Tenant | Atlanta Area Property Management Advice

Tenant screening is the single most important activity for landlords who want to have a successful rental experience. Many homeowners get a feeling when they’re talking to prospective tenants, and they approve a tenant who is likeable. They will do a minimal job screening, or they won’t screen at all.

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Marietta Rental Property Security Deposits | Property Management Education

Welcome to Atlanta Area Property and Management; serving the entire Atlanta Metro Area. There are very strict laws regarding the handling of security deposits. These laws can get an owner in lots of trouble, and if you make a mistake, fines and penalties can apply.

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How Much Can I Rent My Investment Property For? | Marietta Property Management

Welcome to Atlanta Area Property and Management; serving the entire Atlanta Metro Area. How much rent can I get for my property? This is the ultimate question that every owner wants answered. The real answer is – what will the market bear? I’ll try to answer this question today.

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The Benefits of Working with Atlanta Area Property and Management in Marietta, GA

Atlanta Area Property and Management is a full service company that helps landlords and investors manage their rental properties. Today, we want to talk briefly about professional management versus self-management. Learning from Experience When we first started in business, we self-managed our own properties. We made every mistake in the book – from not vetting our tenants to trying to […]

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