Eviction Services

Evictions are no fun and are frequently unpleasant. The normal owner does not have the constitution for the conflict and stress that comes from evicting a tenant and there is often a “relationship” that developed over the years. Standing before a judge explaining your position makes the average person queasy! And it’s embarrassing to think a smart person like you let it get so bad. YOU ARE NOT ALONE!

In the Atlanta area, evictions generally take a couple of months from filing to move-out and each county differs somewhat. It’s complex, scary and takes up your valuable Eviction Messtime – so we offer eviction services but only to owners that sign up for a minimum of two years of our professional management services.

An eviction is a civil action generally handled in the Magistrate Court. Your agent, the property manager, can file the paperwork and work through the eviction.  If the claim is more than $5,000, you may have to file in the State Court and will need an attorney to file and prosecute the warrant. In either Court, court costs and legal fees must be paid in advance by the owner and are sought to be reimbursed by the tenant when they pay the past due rent and fees.

How do you get started? You need to call us now. The longer you wait, the worse your situation becomes. Your rental property is a valuable asset that is costing you thousands of dollars while you support another family! Complete the form below and we’ll contact you as quickly as we receive it.