Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose professional management?

Managing property is hard and most inexperienced owners find out the hard way and at great expense. Problems start when the owner selects a tenant because they “liked” him and without checking credentials. Once the tenant is late or misses a payment, it’s the beginning of the end. Over the next few years, the owner slowly finds that the tenant has racked up thousands in unpaid rent before finally reaching their limit.

We have rescued many owners. We’ve discovered owners are really nice people, understanding to a fault, and always willing to “work with the tenant” but unfortunately, tenants often take advantage of these kind-hearted owners. Finding tenants with the same values as the owner is difficult and takes experience. Managing property takes time, patience, and the right attitude.

No matter how you obtained your rental, if you don’t have the experience or the time, or if you are relocating or retiring, we manage your properties with one goal in mind: to make your property profitable and stress-free.


Why should I use Atlanta Area Property and Management?

We have over a decade of experience and have seen it all. We are good at what we do. We get good tenants, sign them up for multiple years, ensure rents are paid on time, and respond quickly to maintenance issues keeping great tenants happy.  We work with owners to generate the highest possible rents while keeping the property in good condition to ensure maximum return on their asset. When we say, “professional property management”, we mean it and we have owner testimonials to prove it! There is no better choice for your investment and peace of mind.


What is Atlanta Area Property and Management’s story?

We started out by managing our own rental property spending hundreds of hours doing everything necessary to make them great rentals … and we learned the secret to property management: managing people and solving problems. We learned how to attract and select the right tenants, how to respond to tenant situations, and how to take care of rental property. Before long, our friends and colleagues were asking us to manage their properties and soon we were in the property management business!

We treat all rentals as a business investment – because they are!


How to you help 1st time Landlords?

Smart first-time landlords who want to reap the benefits of investment property without the stress of tenant interaction will hire a professional to manage their rental.  We procure the best tenants, handle the day-to-day maintenance and repair, address lease violations, pick up emergency calls, collects rents, and provide Owner accounting and monthly statements.

We put the first-time landlord’s mind at ease with our handling of their property. We strive to keep the property in tip-top shape so the asset grows in value while keeping good tenants to provide the monthly cash flow.


How do you handle deadbeat Tenants?

When a tenant misses their rent payment, it’s a red flag to us. We are very aggressive with rent collection – In our leases, rents are due on the first day of every month and considered late on the second day (there are no grace periods). Our late fee structure is $100 plus $10 per day for every day rent is late, and it begins on the second day of the month. We start legal action on the third day but the tenant may pay a fee to halt eviction. Because a missed rent payment is generally the start of a tenant that will miss many more payments, the second time eviction is threatened, we work on getting the tenant out as quickly as possible so as not to rack up months of unpaid rent.


What reports do you provide?

We use a professional property management system, called Propertyware.  It is a powerful software system that provides our owners online access to tenant documents, reports, statements, maintenance records, and direct deposit of their funds. It provides our tenants with online access to pay rent and request maintenance and repairs.